Saturday, January 9, 2010


Kenapa dgn aku nih hah?
Aku pun x tw knape.
Tp aku rase fikiran aku kosong sgt skang nih.
what wrong with u arif zaki?

She ask me. Are you Sad? Disappointed ?
The answers is Yeah !!
A lot wak ! SGT kecewe dan sedih.
X tw nk gambar mcm mane dah.
Tp x pe la.
Even aku rase aku x bley nk turutkan,
permintaan die tuh.
And I wish I have another choice.
But, no. I have to.

Aku redha & hormati keputusan die tuh.
Mungkin ade hikmah di sebaliknye yang aku sndiri  xtw.

Tapi ape pun.
Thanx 4 everything wak.
You bring out the best in me,
Like no one lese can do.
Im really happy with you.
The time that we spent together.
I will not forget about its.
I will keep it in the bottom of my heart.
Wish you the best of luck in your life.
keep it smily ya.
And if you need someone,
Just Come to me,
I will be there for you,
With all my heart,
With all that you need.

with love,
cik zaki.


  1. sbr lah arif zaki kawan ku....
    hurrmm... hope u can find much better person than her. i'll pray for you... :) just keep smiling and be happy

  2. emmm... maybe u can get someone better than her..
    so,don worry..

  3. farah wahidah : thanx farah ! i hope so. (: